Y20 2014 Summit

The Y20 Australia 2014 summit will be taking place in Sydney, Australia between 12-15 July 2014.

The Summit will host 120 youth delegates from G20 member countries, representing the best and brightest young people from across the world and 12 delegates from invited guest nations (Myanmar, Senegal, Singapore, New Zealand, Spain and the Head of the African Union). They will be invited to consider the key themes of the summit and work collaboratively to devise solutions to issues that not only factor strongly in the 2014 G20 but are also extremely salient issues for young people – growth and jobs creation; global citizenship; and sustainable development.

The outcome of the summit will be twofold. Firstly, a communique will be presented to the G20 leaders which outline the common ideas that were devised by the delegates at the summit. Secondly, a single “Policy Ask” pertaining to youth unemployment solutions will provide a focus for further action following the Y20

From the summit and beyond, we want to produce succinct, action-focused communications for the G20 leaders and work with the Summit delegates to create a system of accountability that all Y20 delegates (and particularly future Y20 hosts) can use to ensure the continuity of the youth agenda and the tracking of action relative to those identified priorities.

Host city and venue

Sydney is Australia’s international gateway and is the perfect backdrop for the Y20 Australia 2014 summit. It presents a unique blend of world-class events, cultural activities, stunning natural attractions and of course premium dining and shopping.

Details about the venue, travel arrangements and accommodation will be released to delegates closer to the date.

Big event of the day will be held around 1 pm with a drone race organised with the help of the international drone racing league. Read more on drone racing here