Wooden Toys Are Great For Today’s Kids

a car made of wood prototype

Today we receive Chris, from Broome, a young entrepreneur that started a Toy company about 10 months ago with tradition in mind and the focus on environment friendly toys and games for the young ones.

In today’s world, children’s toy are very technological and are a far cry from what kids played with fifty years ago.

building great trains and transport toysEven though most toys are electronic in some way, children still love to play with wooden toys. Nothing can replace the value of brightly coloured wood. It is a staple for childhood and every kid in our country usually has a few hanging out in their rooms. Wooden toys have a wide variety. They can be trains, or carpenter play sets, or even blocks. By far the wooden building blocks are still a favourite of children everywhere.

For hundreds of years, children have loved their wooden toys.

They never go out of style, and they are durable and can be any shape or size. They have painted very bright primary colours for kids that are still learning to distinguish colours. These toys are excellent teaching tools. Their wooden construction makes them very durable and quite easy to clean. Another great point about having wooden toys is the price point. COmared to other toys on the market, wooden toys have a very low cost. If you are missing blocks in a set, it is very easy and inexpensive to replace them as opposed to their plastic counterparts.

Wooden toys are quite a bit more sturdy than plastic toys. They don’t pose the same hazard for cracking and cutting or jabbing children with sharp edges. They clean just as easily as plastic and are just as fun to play with. Consider introducing wooden toys to children as soon as they can grip them. Children will love the way they feel and look. They have a fun texture that plastic just can’t duplicate. It just goes to show you that newer is not always better. Wooden toys can be found at speciality toys stores and even the big box retailers in your neighbourhood.

Chris wants to share is passion for the wooden game through this article. If you are after great wooden toys for your toddler of kid, head over to boab toys website