Unusual ways to consume cannabis

different ways to use canabis

Most marijuana users tend to smoke the substance. In Europe, most people mix it with tobacco, although this method is far more dangerous than consuming it in its pure form, as most connoisseurs in the United States, Canada and Jamaica do for example.

In addition to the combustion of buds or resin, other methods allow us to take advantage of this still illegal plant in our countries.

It is not only about joints

Some of these methods, such as vaporization, are poorly known but are gaining popularity these days. Others are simply too unusual, too inefficient or for other reasons not always practical to attract a large number of followers, but also work.


a smoker using a desktop vapeVaporizing is a much better method for health than grass burning and is now more widespread than it was a few years ago. The vaporized grass has a better taste than the dried grass and is more economical regarding its consumption.

Vaporizing is not a problem if you have good equipment, but what if you do not have a “vapor” at your fingertips?

The steam pipe, also called Chalice, was common in Jamaica, long before the Volcano era and other similar products. The bamboo structure was no different from a vaporizer manufactured by the Eigenbau brand. In the late 1980s, you could learn to spray ganja instead of burning it in the mountains of the Caribbean island, using a few pieces of fresh bamboo, some coal, a tin can, and embers. You can now find online reports on steam pipes and instructions on how to make a vaporizer.

In addition to the proper temperature, coarseness of the heads is also an important factor during vaporization. The more finely crushed the heads, the more efficiently the active components can be dissolved.

before and after vaporizing buds

Baking the substance

After cannabis consumed as a joint (or simply smoked), vaporizing is undoubtedly the most traditional method. Almost everyone has ever eaten a hash cake or a “space cake,” or at least heard of it. No dangerous substances are generated when eating or drinking a cannabis product, although it is much harder to measure the amount consumed. It is often the only alternative when using cannabis for medical purposes, as many patients do not want or can not inhale cannabis in the form of smoke or steam.

Inexperienced consumers, in particular, can overdose to the extent that the effect generated is not direct and that it takes some time to be felt.

You can extinguish a joint too hard after smoking only half, but you can not do the same thing with a cake that contains too much cannabis. Self-taught users often react more intensely to food products containing THC than to the same amount of marijuana inhaled, while for others it is exactly the reverse. When in doubt: consume slowly and always know exactly how much grass or hashish the cookie, cake or cocoa drink contains.

If in doubt, it is best to ask the person who cooked or prepared the candy three times rather than just swallow it.

But another method can almost entirely avoid an overdose. “Extraction of cannabis juice,” which is particularly appealing for patients who take large doses of drugs, is to squeeze the fresh plant. When one consumes fresh buds, one senses the positive effects of the cannabinoids without being stone. Cannabinoids are present in the fresh plant as acid (THCA, CBDA, etc.).

Because THC does not have a psychoactive effect in its acid form, you can consume large amounts of juice without experiencing the associated side effects, which is a perfect alternative for cannabis patients who require high doses but do not tolerate its psychotropic effects.