Insight on American Forklift Brands

There are different forklift manufacturers around the globe with the major brands being in Europe and Asia. There are few manufacturers in America to choose from as most are based in Japan. However, those looking for American forklifts should know that there are brands to choose from. American forklifts are considered high-quality due to the standards they have to keep up with.

Here is a list of the top American forklift manufacturers and their qualities.

• Caterpillar

caterpillar forktrucksCaterpillar is a household name in America and also around the world. The headquarters of the company is located in Houston, Texas. Caterpillar is known to produce machines that are durable and reliable. Their forklifts can withstand the roughest terrain, and they are powered by propane, gasoline, diesel, or can be electric. Their lift trucks have a lifting capacity of 2500- 100000 plus pounds.

• Clark

clark is a leader on the marketClark is a company known for material handling trucks. Their trucks are in use in different locations around the globe. Propane powers Their trucks, diesel, electric and they even have dual fuel vehicles. They are the leading manufacturing company for producing narrow aisle trucks that are used in warehouses. Their trucks have a capacity of 1500-100000 plus pounds. The company responds quickly to customer remarks and is continually improving their products. They are environmentally conscious and run their plants on a lean manufacturing model ensuring there is minimal wastage of resources during the manufacturing process.

the crown brandCrown

Crown Equipment Corporation is known for producing material handling machines for a long time. Their forklifts have an innovative design, and they have more products in their catalogue. The company produces most of its forklift components in their plants. The company is also determined to create the safest, comfortable, and efficient forklifts for their customers.

• Yale

Yale Materials Handling Corporation is a leader in the forklift industry for producing high-performing forklifts. In its top of the line forklifts, they have managed to offer customers a variety to choose from in terms of power. Their forklifts come powered by electricity, propane, gasoline, and diesel. They offer training on how to use the equipment as well as financing and maintenance services. Yale is known for having excellent customer service and doing everything they can to assist their clients in acquiring a truck.

the yale material handing company

America is home to many inventions, and these forklifts are the best in the country. They are used in America as well as around the globe.