Spacious and Comfortable Camping with A Dome Camping Tent

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While not everyone was a Boy or Girl Scout growing up, most people have either been camping or at least know enough about camping to associate the act with the old styles of tents that were once quite prevalent. Modern dome tents are great if you are looking for a cool camping tent and far more evolved than their predecessors and now offer spacious interiors, incredible portability, easy setup and take down, and low price points that are hard to argue with.

An ideal tent option

REI Camp Dome 2

REI Camp Dome 2

The dome shape is ideal for tents because it provides a combination of high wind and weather resistance with a large interior volume. Wind and rain are both common problems when living in the great outdoors, even if only for a few nights. The dome shape and large footprint make it difficult for the wind to turn a dome camping tent over, and rain is given an easy path to the ground so that it will not accumulate and weigh sections of the tent down with its burden.

While those design features are all important, they would be useless if the interior was tiny or compromised in some significant way. Thankfully, the dome shape also tends to offer excellent interior volume and height, both of which are highly sought after traits in camping tents. Dome Camping tents come in smaller sizes meant for individuals or couples with a modest amount of camping possessions or in large, multi-room suite designs that can accommodate 3 to 5 separate groups of 3 to 6 people each. While one would expect to pay a lot for such capacities, the truth is that dome camping tents are quite affordable.

Small dome camping tents meant for backpackers can cost under $75

Even the largest of the consumer grade dome camping tents that could provide sleeping arrangements for more than 15 people rarely cost over $400. Many factors influence the price of dome camping tents, but it seems reasonable to suggest that one can expect to pay between $20 and $40 per bed-space in any given dome camping tent as a general pricing guideline.

orange tent for youth campersPortability is a key feature of all modern tents and dome camping tents are no exception. Large dome camping tents that can sleep four people can take up less than half of a lightweight backpack now, and without creating a massive weight burden in the process. Of course, portability is often considered to be at fundamental odds with both ease of use and durability, but neither of those appears to be the case with modern dome camping tents.

The use of modern materials has created an array of lightweight, durable dome camping tents that can be erected quickly or taken down and stored efficiently in record time. Easy setup and take down are a significant improvement over tents of yesteryear.