Do Not Underestimate The Power of Networking!

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You’ve met them at a charity fair or a gala and are always there for them whenever they need you, and they should return the favor!

By growing your network, you make many professional opportunities which will turn into future work or professional opportunities.

No networking, no opportunities? Many young Australian students or facing hardships when confronted with local the labor market, it is in any case necessary to maintain good relations with members of your network. Especially as the hidden job market still constitute 65% of the positions filled down under.

Why develop a professional network?

Your network is not limited to your old school friends or your first professional experience. All employees that you are around you will indeed one day or another potentially introduce you to a vacant position in their company. And if the contact is good, give you tips regarding when applying or support your application. The appointment is increasingly popular with recruiters; your network may be able to one day serve you. But you will learn to reciprocate when the time comes …

Where do I network?

You can also expand your network through social networks. Whether professional (LinkedIn, Viadeo) or personal (Twitter, Facebook), these tools have the opportunity to get you in touch with the major people and influencers you can not reach normally. You should know how to identify targets that have an interest in your career plan. Is it simply to change your business, take up the ranks?

Nothing prevents you to tell them. Provided that this is done in a positive way. Do not complain about the mood of your current company for example. Similarly, be sure to share interesting information about your industry. And bet on cheerfully. Your profile will be more eye-catching.

Let us know if you have any questions?