How To Choose Home Office Furniture

This month on we wanted to cover a topic that a few of our readers have been asking for, especially the young entrepreneurs working from home: home office furniture.

Choosing home office furniture can be challenging since there are different office furniture in the market and it’s hard to know which is best. Therefore, you will need to consider several factors before purchasing the equipment. Here are tips for choosing the right home office furniture.

1] Number of working hours per day

Before purchasing office equipment, consider your comfort. For instance, if you only spend about 30 minutes to go through your email then a comfortable chair is not a priority. While, if you take 8 -10 hours per day in your office, you will require a comfortable chair so that to avoid some health issues such as backache.

2] Assess available space

Make sure you have the perfect work station

Make sure you have the perfect work station

One of the common mistake people make is underestimating or overestimating the space that is available. And so, it is necessary to take the measurements of your windows, doorway and also the entire room so that to be able to determine the kind of furniture that will fit. It will reduce the hassle of having to buy equipment that do not fit and then end up returning them thus adding extra cost.

3] Choose the furniture that fits you well

For you to be comfortable in your home office, you need to have furniture that fits you. Select office furniture that you can sit and work for long hours without discomfort. For example, if you are tall, ensure that the height of your chair and a table will be comfortable for you to use. On the contrary, if you are short, a chair that is too high will not be the best choice since it will make your feet hang.

4] Consider your budget

You can decide on the amount you want to spend on the office furniture either a small amount or huge amount depending on your budget. Before making any purchase, make a point of visiting the internet and home office furniture magazines so that you can be acutely aware of the pricing. It will enable you to know the amount of cash that is required to buy all the furniture.

5] Select furniture that fits your style

Office ergonomics are really important

Office ergonomics are really important!

This is where you need to become creative. Consider furniture that suits your style. Choose the style that you love most. You can either choose a contemporary or traditional design. Glass pieces and steel looks more industrial and modern, while wood furniture looks more traditional. For you to have a beautiful environment consider combining these materials. Select familiar aesthetic for your storage cabinets, desks, chairs and other elements since a professional home office requires a consistent appearance.

6] The number of people sharing the space

When picking the bookshelves, desks tables and the other surface furniture consider the needs of your office partners. They might require more space or less space depending on their occupation. Consult your office partners and see if some pieces can be shared. For example, a table that has the printer may also be used as a conference table or as a desk.

Insight on American Forklift Brands

There are different forklift manufacturers around the globe with the major brands being in Europe and Asia. There are few manufacturers in America to choose from as most are based in Japan. However, those looking for American forklifts should know that there are brands to choose from. American forklifts are considered high-quality due to the standards they have to keep up with.

Here is a list of the top American forklift manufacturers and their qualities.

• Caterpillar

caterpillar forktrucksCaterpillar is a household name in America and also around the world. The headquarters of the company is located in Houston, Texas. Caterpillar is known to produce machines that are durable and reliable. Their forklifts can withstand the roughest terrain, and they are powered by propane, gasoline, diesel, or can be electric. Their lift trucks have a lifting capacity of 2500- 100000 plus pounds.

• Clark

clark is a leader on the marketClark is a company known for material handling trucks. Their trucks are in use in different locations around the globe. Propane powers Their trucks, diesel, electric and they even have dual fuel vehicles. They are the leading manufacturing company for producing narrow aisle trucks that are used in warehouses. Their trucks have a capacity of 1500-100000 plus pounds. The company responds quickly to customer remarks and is continually improving their products. They are environmentally conscious and run their plants on a lean manufacturing model ensuring there is minimal wastage of resources during the manufacturing process.

the crown brandCrown

Crown Equipment Corporation is known for producing material handling machines for a long time. Their forklifts have an innovative design, and they have more products in their catalogue. The company produces most of its forklift components in their plants. The company is also determined to create the safest, comfortable, and efficient forklifts for their customers.

• Yale

Yale Materials Handling Corporation is a leader in the forklift industry for producing high-performing forklifts. In its top of the line forklifts, they have managed to offer customers a variety to choose from in terms of power. Their forklifts come powered by electricity, propane, gasoline, and diesel. They offer training on how to use the equipment as well as financing and maintenance services. Yale is known for having excellent customer service and doing everything they can to assist their clients in acquiring a truck.

the yale material handing company

America is home to many inventions, and these forklifts are the best in the country. They are used in America as well as around the globe.

a car made of wood prototype

Wooden Toys Are Great For Today’s Kids

Today we receive Chris, from Broome, a young entrepreneur that started a Toy company about 10 months ago with tradition in mind and the focus on environment friendly toys and games for the young ones.

In today’s world, children’s toy are very technological and are a far cry from what kids played with fifty years ago.

building great trains and transport toysEven though most toys are electronic in some way, children still love to play with wooden toys. Nothing can replace the value of brightly coloured wood. It is a staple for childhood and every kid in our country usually has a few hanging out in their rooms. Wooden toys have a wide variety. They can be trains, or carpenter play sets, or even blocks. By far the wooden building blocks are still a favourite of children everywhere.

For hundreds of years, children have loved their wooden toys.

They never go out of style, and they are durable and can be any shape or size. They have painted very bright primary colours for kids that are still learning to distinguish colours. These toys are excellent teaching tools. Their wooden construction makes them very durable and quite easy to clean. Another great point about having wooden toys is the price point. COmared to other toys on the market, wooden toys have a very low cost. If you are missing blocks in a set, it is very easy and inexpensive to replace them as opposed to their plastic counterparts.

Wooden toys are quite a bit more sturdy than plastic toys. They don’t pose the same hazard for cracking and cutting or jabbing children with sharp edges. They clean just as easily as plastic and are just as fun to play with. Consider introducing wooden toys to children as soon as they can grip them. Children will love the way they feel and look. They have a fun texture that plastic just can’t duplicate. It just goes to show you that newer is not always better. Wooden toys can be found at speciality toys stores and even the big box retailers in your neighbourhood.

Chris wants to share is passion for the wooden game through this article. If you are after great wooden toys for your toddler of kid, head over to boab toys website

Handling Work Disputes Appropriately

Work disputes are a fact of life today. It’s important for employers to have the right policies in place to handle work disputes most effectively. Handling them in the right way can diffuse situations that could become magnified to the point of exploding, resulting in high employee turnover. Resolving them correctly can actually help to solidify the work community instead of fracturing it.

Common Work Disputes

get a serious work ethicRelationship problems in the work force can occur in many different forms. Some of these are as follows:
Jealousy between employees over salary or job
Difficulties getting along with a new boss
Resentments over sudden increase in work load
Legal allegations of impropriety
Basic personality differences

Conflicts can be between employees, with a manager, or with the company as a whole. It’s important to know which of these is involved. Complicating the matter is the fact that the real reason for dispute may be something quite different than what is showing on the surface. For instance, an employee may be having problems at work because of problems at home.

General Rules For Conflict Resolution

Many work problems can be resolved just by waiting another day. Regardless of the reasons for conflict, it’s wise for an employer not to get involved unless conflict is affecting work in some way.
At that point, unless the immediate manager is the reason for the problem, he should act as an unbiased mediator between the two parties.

Sometimes all that is needed is to clear the air by allowing employees to voice their concerns to each other. At other times, a manager will have to make a resolution based on his understanding of the conflict. If a conflict is truly inflammatory and cannot be resolved by the immediate department head, the help of upper management may be needed. It may also be needed if the unresolved conflict is between an employee and his department manager.

If The Conflict Involves A Legal Issue

Conflict Resolution in a businessCompanies should already have written policies in place that let employees know at the time of hiring what behaviour will not be tolerated, and what abuses are legally actionable. Even small companies should make these explicitly known to employees. Doing so lets workers know what the ground rules are before they begin, and many legal conflicts can be avoided.

If a legal allegation of misconduct is involved, it’s wise to step in early and quickly to attempt to resolve it, if possible, particularly if it involves complaints against the business as a whole. It is important to keep records of the process of the complaint, and it’s advisable as well to consult your attorney early so that he can be a part of the process of resolution from the beginning.

Work disputes can affect a company’s bottom line. There are also some disputes that are inevitable. However, a professional attitude of mediation at the right time can dispel many conflicts before they become a serious problem.

RAB Drilling for Mining Explained

The mining industry being quite popular here in Australia, we wanted to give you guys a heads up on this industry by focusing on a popular sub niche of this market which is drilling.

Percussion Rotary Air Blast (RAB) Drill

RAB Mine Drilling which is different from air core drilling techniques.

Matching a drilling rig for a particular type of mining job is not a simple task. There are many factors to consider, such as the terrain, quality of samples required for analysis, depth, cost, time, fuel and attendant equipment.

miner drilling the groundThere are several factors when looking at drilling rigs in general:

* the type of power used – mechanical, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, steam
* type of pipe used – cable, conventional, coil tubing
* by how many connected pipes they can stand in the derrick
* method or rotation or drilling method – no-rotation, rotary table, top drive, sonic, hammer
* position of derrick – conventional, slant

If you are looking for a simple drill for a simple job it is is not quite so difficult. If you are looking for an economical, fast, single-pass exploration drill, then an RAB drill is probably what you need.

Blast hole drilling should also be a simple requirement, and again, an RAB drill is the fastest, most economical machine for this type of task.

Mining Drilling Rigs

Mining drilling rigs are used for two primary purposes:

* Exploration drilling, which aims to identify the location and quality of a mineral; and
* Production drilling, used in the production cycle for mining.

Mineral exploration drilling is conducted as part of an advanced research program to obtain detailed information about the rocks and minerals below the ground surface. The drilling method and size of the drilling rig used depend on upon the type of rock, the depth required, and level of information sought.

The most common shallow depth mineral exploration drilling method is Percussion Rotary Air Blast (RAB) drilling. This type of operation is the quickest method, can be very mobile, can access steep terrain, and usually only requires one operator.

Mine production drilling, particularly open cut mining, includes blast hole drilling, and a conventional method is RAB drilling. A large RAB drilling machine can drill hundreds of holes a day, up to hundreds of metres deep. As a self-contained machine, operating on pre-prepared terrain, they run on crawling tracks for mobility, but they still managed by a single operator.

What is an RAB Drill?

60 inch concrete core drillA Percussion Rotary Air Blast (RAB) drill is a down-the-hole vertical drill which uses a pneumatic reciprocating piston-driven hammer action to energetically drive a heavy drill bit into the rock.

Drill bits are hollow, solid steel and have 20 mm thick tungsten rods protruding from the steel matrix as “buttons”. The tungsten buttons are the cutting face of the bit.

Compressed air is pumped through a hole in the rod and the drill bit, forcing the cuttings to the surface between the drill pipe and the wall of the hole.

RAB drilling can achieve depths of more than 50 metres but can be ineffective below the water table, where the annulus between the drill pipe and the surrounding formation can become clogged with debris, precluding removal of drill cuttings from the hole. This can be overcome by the use of stabilisers (also known as reamers), which are lengths of tubular steel attached to the drill string to ream or line the hole to prevent formation water and debris entering the hole. Stabilisers commonly have tungsten-buttons on the walls to break down the cuttings rising from the borehole.

Machine Size

RAB rigs range in size from a small truck or trailer mounted machines that can be used in hard-to-access areas, or for smaller operations. The larger models are an all-in-one and are mounted on caterpillar tracks for movement, but are restricted to specially prepared flat surfaces. Whatever the size, the method of operation is the same. It is simply a matter of scale.

Penetration Depth

Depending on its size and drill bit, RAB rigs can penetrate depths up to 100 metres. It penetrates quickly and easily through almost every type of rock. Because of its fast operation, this makes an RAB drill an excellent choice for blast hole drilling.

Operational Cost

Compared to RC and Diamond drilling, RAB drilling is quickest and more economical and only requires one operator.

Mineral Analysis

The cutting debris can be used for low-level mineral analysis. As a first-pass method in mineral exploration, this approach produces results faster, cheaper and easier.

Considering the array of mining tools required and available on the market, the Percussion Rotary Air Blast drill is one of the simplest, but that does not make it insubstantial.

So, Why an RAB Drill?

RAB rigs can be small – mounted on the back of a truck, making it very mobile and able to access steep terrain. They can also be enormous, require a crawler track to move around.

The depth of drill hole is a factor to consider when deciding on a drilling machine, but if you are looking at shallow depths (up to 100 metres), then an RAB drill is a good one to watch for economy and speed.

See these bad boys in action:


Australian Government


Bostech Drilling

learning your way to success

Do Not Underestimate The Power of Networking!

You’ve met them at a charity fair or a gala and are always there for them whenever they need you, and they should return the favor!

By growing your network, you make many professional opportunities which will turn into future work or professional opportunities.

No networking, no opportunities? Many young Australian students or facing hardships when confronted with local the labor market, it is in any case necessary to maintain good relations with members of your network. Especially as the hidden job market still constitute 65% of the positions filled down under.

Why develop a professional network?

Your network is not limited to your old school friends or your first professional experience. All employees that you are around you will indeed one day or another potentially introduce you to a vacant position in their company. And if the contact is good, give you tips regarding when applying or support your application. The appointment is increasingly popular with recruiters; your network may be able to one day serve you. But you will learn to reciprocate when the time comes …

Where do I network?

You can also expand your network through social networks. Whether professional (LinkedIn, Viadeo) or personal (Twitter, Facebook), these tools have the opportunity to get you in touch with the major people and influencers you can not reach normally. You should know how to identify targets that have an interest in your career plan. Is it simply to change your business, take up the ranks?

Nothing prevents you to tell them. Provided that this is done in a positive way. Do not complain about the mood of your current company for example. Similarly, be sure to share interesting information about your industry. And bet on cheerfully. Your profile will be more eye-catching.

Let us know if you have any questions?

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Tips for Successful Priority Planning

For a business to run successfully, there are many different things to take into consideration and a variety of skills you must possess and know how to use. One aspect of running a business that is both a task and a skill is the ability to prioritise business tasks. When you plan your daily tasks effectively, it will have a positive effect on many aspects of your business. Here are some tips for successful priority planning.

Deciding on your Level of Need

The first task when deciding which jobs are the highest priority and which are less important is deciding on the level of need. Ideally, you should categorise your tasks regarding short-term  and long-term goals. With regards to long-term objectives, you may need to think about the different stages of a project that need to take place to achieve the final goals. If you have clients you work with on a regular basis, good communication between the two of you can help to determine which of the jobs they have given you are of the greatest importance.


controling your time and plan accordinglyIf your workflow increases, it may be impossible to complete all tasks yourself. You will then need to decide what are your priorities and what can be delegated to others for completion. When prioritising tasks, you will need to determine how each element of a job is allocated to different members of staff to fulfill the task within the decided time. To do this, you may need to consider the various skill sets of employees, their level of experience and what other commitments or responsibilities they are currently undertaking within their role.

Considering Negative Impacts

Another thing to take into consideration is what the negative effects of delaying a task will be in comparison to completing the work straight away. For example, if delaying a task will incur financial penalties, or you will lose the business of a client, and then these projects must be considered over others that will have few or no negative impacts on your business.

Setting a Time Frame

Time is an important factor in priority planning. You must make sure that it is reasonable and achievable to complete each of the tasks in the time that is allocated to them. To plan the time frame for each task, you must break it down into smaller sub-tasks and consider how long each of these will take and who will be responsible for completing them.

Using Resources Available

To a certain extent, resources can impact upon how you plan your priorities. Resource availability may prevent you from completing some tasks at particular times or cause a delay, so it is important to factor this into the planning process. Similarly, if you have several projects that you or your team are working on at any one time, then it is important to think sensibly about how the resources are best utilised within the team to ensure that the projects you have given the highest importance are completed first.

Priority planning is an essential part of running a successful business. By planning and strategising, your company will operate more efficiently, smoothly and productively. It will also help to improve customer satisfaction. This, in turn, can help you to increase profits and potentially expand your company.

Visit this link to know more and to find the latest Project Management Certification in Australia.

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