Find a Job in Australia: Tips for Foreigners

Visiting Australia, traveling, meeting and discovering is all good, but sooner or later there comes a time when the need to work is felt to replenish the bank account. With the financial crisis and the ever-increasing influx of backpackers looking for small jobs in Australia, it sometimes seems difficult to get off the hook and find a job in Australia. Today, we give you 5 tips to find a job, a job in Australia!

1/ Improve your English to get a job in Australia

The lower your level of English, the lower your chances of finding a job. Employers have a preference for employees with whom they can communicate without problems. Speaking correctly can also make a better impression during a job interview and perhaps make a difference. Knowing how to speak the language also means being able to get in touch with your interlocutor and therefore make yourself more sympathetic in his eyes!

In fact, if your English is not good, it is better not to look for a job in Australia working as soon as you arrive. Starting your journey with a few weeks or months of travel will allow you to immerse yourself in an English-speaking environment and consequently to progress in your command of the language. Don’t hesitate to move away from the French community and try your hand at staying with the locals through collocations or hospitality networks such as CouchSurfing, WWOOF or HelpExchange living with Australians is the safest and fastest way to improve your English! Read our article on WWoofing and Helpx.

2/ Don’t wait until the last minute

Too many travelers enjoy traveling in Australia and only start looking for work once their bank account is dangerously close to zero. Don’t make the same mistake! Start looking before you need it all. In this way, if you find, so much the better, but if you do not find immediately, it does not matter.

This “soft” approach will allow you to reduce the level of stress involved in job search and keep more flexibility in your approach: when you have more time and money ahead of you, you are free to look for work elsewhere if necessary. So, if you don’t find in the first city, you can always move to the next, and so on. Similarly, if you are looking for a seasonal domain such as fruit picking, you will have more margin to wait until the start of the season possibly.

3/ Don’t do like everyone else!

Working Holiday being an increasingly popular visa, the competition between travelers for small jobs is sometimes very tough. The solution: avoid the competition! Do not hesitate to move away from the most famous significant centers to look for work in less famous and therefore less frequented regions.

This advice applies not only across the country (for example, don’t go to Shepparton or Bundaberg for fruit picking, but rather to the small towns around them) but also across cities: often it is better to look for work in a suburb rather than in the city center.

You can also choose to live in the suburbs, which will have the double advantage of lower rents than in the centre and reasonable proximity to your work if you are in the district. Suburbs are not necessarily synonymous with boredom: all large cities have dormitory suburbs, certainly, but also dynamic suburbs where life is good (West End in Brisbane, Newtown in Sydney, Glenelg in Adelaide, etc.).

4/ Adopt the right attitude

To find work, it is essential to project the right image to your potential employers, as much as it is essential for you to be in the right frame of mind. First of all, be positive! You need to build confidence, motivation, and enthusiasm.

When you walk (door-to-door distribution of CVs, for example) take care to be clean and well dressed and to avoid as much as possible the image of the backpacker “short and tap.” Ask to speak to the manager if possible, you will often be refused, but it doesn’t cost anything to try. Have a smile. Present yourself preferably in the early morning (particularly important on farms, where you are likely to be put to work now if they are looking for labour) and avoid canvassing during “rush hours” (i.e. do not drop off a CV in a café or restaurant in the middle of lunch all staff will be far too busy with customers).

different ways to use canabis

Unusual ways to consume cannabis

Most marijuana users tend to smoke the substance. In Europe, most people mix it with tobacco, although this method is far more dangerous than consuming it in its pure form, as most connoisseurs in the United States, Canada and Jamaica do for example.

In addition to the combustion of buds or resin, other methods allow us to take advantage of this still illegal plant in our countries.

It is not only about joints

Some of these methods, such as vaporization, are poorly known but are gaining popularity these days. Others are simply too unusual, too inefficient or for other reasons not always practical to attract a large number of followers, but also work.


a smoker using a desktop vapeVaporizing is a much better method for health than grass burning and is now more widespread than it was a few years ago. The vaporized grass has a better taste than the dried grass and is more economical regarding its consumption.

Vaporizing is not a problem if you have good equipment, but what if you do not have a “vapor” at your fingertips?

The steam pipe, also called Chalice, was common in Jamaica, long before the Volcano era and other similar products. The bamboo structure was no different from a vaporizer manufactured by the Eigenbau brand. In the late 1980s, you could learn to spray ganja instead of burning it in the mountains of the Caribbean island, using a few pieces of fresh bamboo, some coal, a tin can, and embers. You can now find online reports on steam pipes and instructions on how to make a vaporizer.

In addition to the proper temperature, coarseness of the heads is also an important factor during vaporization. The more finely crushed the heads, the more efficiently the active components can be dissolved.

before and after vaporizing buds

Baking the substance

After cannabis consumed as a joint (or simply smoked), vaporizing is undoubtedly the most traditional method. Almost everyone has ever eaten a hash cake or a “space cake,” or at least heard of it. No dangerous substances are generated when eating or drinking a cannabis product, although it is much harder to measure the amount consumed. It is often the only alternative when using cannabis for medical purposes, as many patients do not want or can not inhale cannabis in the form of smoke or steam.

Inexperienced consumers, in particular, can overdose to the extent that the effect generated is not direct and that it takes some time to be felt.

You can extinguish a joint too hard after smoking only half, but you can not do the same thing with a cake that contains too much cannabis. Self-taught users often react more intensely to food products containing THC than to the same amount of marijuana inhaled, while for others it is exactly the reverse. When in doubt: consume slowly and always know exactly how much grass or hashish the cookie, cake or cocoa drink contains.

If in doubt, it is best to ask the person who cooked or prepared the candy three times rather than just swallow it.

But another method can almost entirely avoid an overdose. “Extraction of cannabis juice,” which is particularly appealing for patients who take large doses of drugs, is to squeeze the fresh plant. When one consumes fresh buds, one senses the positive effects of the cannabinoids without being stone. Cannabinoids are present in the fresh plant as acid (THCA, CBDA, etc.).

Because THC does not have a psychoactive effect in its acid form, you can consume large amounts of juice without experiencing the associated side effects, which is a perfect alternative for cannabis patients who require high doses but do not tolerate its psychotropic effects.

The Best Outdoor Activities in Perth, Western Australia

Perth is an amazing city in Western Australia that offers a diverse range of experiences for both residents and visitors alike. It is a particularly good place to spend time for those who enjoy outdoor pursuits as there is a fantastic range of activities you can enjoy.

Ocean Diving

The coastal location of Perth makes ocean diving the perfect activity to enjoy during your stay. Below the stunning blue waters lies a vast range of beautiful fish and marine life for you to observe. If you are a diving novice, you will find plenty of instructors who will guide you in viewing the wonders of the Australian coast.

Cycle the Streets

While some people love getting back to nature, others prefer the sights that a city can offer. Perth’s urban architecture is exciting, stunning and varied. The best way to see the sights of the city is on a bicycle. If you do not have your own with you, it is possible to hire bikes for the day.

Bubble Soccer

bubble-ball-funA fun activity that you may not even have heard about before a visit to Australia is bubble soccer. It is a game where you play football while the upper part of your body is encased in a transparent inflatable bubble. This game is suitable for people of all ages and allows you to bounce, roll and have a hell of a blast.

Tree Top Adventures

If you fancy taking a trip to Perth to new heights, then a visit to Tree Adventure is just the activity to you. This activity is based on woodland and visitors have the chance to walk on suspension bridges, swing on ropes and travel back to Earth via a zip wire. Not one for people who are scared of heights, but otherwise this is a lot of fun.

Water Sports

Travelling to Perth is the perfect chance to try a new activity and the wide selection of water sports available along the coast means you can try a different activity each day. Just a few of the water sports available include jetpacks, surfing, wakeboarding, scuba diving, water skiing, paragliding, and sailing.

Sky Diving

sky-diving-jurian-bayFor the truly adventurous and the hardcore adrenaline junkies, a skydive is an unusual activity to try while in Perth. If you are brave enough to keep your eyes open during the fall, you will get a spectacular view of the city and beyond.

Redcliffe Lagoon

Redcliffe Lagoon is a beautiful outdoor swimming pool that offers the safety and security of lifeguards. It is perfect for both relaxation and a gentle swim, especially if you are not brave enough to swim in the sea.


If you like spending time outdoors but prefer activities at a more leisurely pace, then a round of golf is one of the best options for you. There are several golf courses in the area, each in a stunning setting.

Some of the top clubs in or near to Perth include the Royal Perth Golf Club, Wembley Golf Course, and Hamersley Public Golf Course.
Perth is an amazing city with a broad range of activities to enjoy. Trying some new outdoors activities during your trip is a great way to take in the spectacular surroundings while having lots of fun.

How To Choose Home Office Furniture

This month on we wanted to cover a topic that a few of our readers have been asking for, especially the young entrepreneurs working from home: home office furniture.

Choosing home office furniture can be challenging since there are different office furniture in the market and it’s hard to know which is best. Therefore, you will need to consider several factors before purchasing the equipment. Here are tips for choosing the right home office furniture.

1] Number of working hours per day

Before purchasing office equipment, consider your comfort. For instance, if you only spend about 30 minutes to go through your email then a comfortable chair is not a priority. While, if you take 8 -10 hours per day in your office, you will require a comfortable chair so that to avoid some health issues such as backache.

2] Assess available space

Make sure you have the perfect work station

Make sure you have the perfect work station

One of the common mistake people make is underestimating or overestimating the space that is available. And so, it is necessary to take the measurements of your windows, doorway and also the entire room so that to be able to determine the kind of furniture that will fit. It will reduce the hassle of having to buy equipment that do not fit and then end up returning them thus adding extra cost.

3] Choose the furniture that fits you well

For you to be comfortable in your home office, you need to have furniture that fits you. Select office furniture that you can sit and work for long hours without discomfort. For example, if you are tall, ensure that the height of your chair and a table will be comfortable for you to use. On the contrary, if you are short, a chair that is too high will not be the best choice since it will make your feet hang.

4] Consider your budget

You can decide on the amount you want to spend on the office furniture either a small amount or huge amount depending on your budget. Before making any purchase, make a point of visiting the internet and home office furniture magazines so that you can be acutely aware of the pricing. It will enable you to know the amount of cash that is required to buy all the furniture.

5] Select furniture that fits your style

Office ergonomics are really important

Office ergonomics are really important!

This is where you need to become creative. Consider furniture that suits your style. Choose the style that you love most. You can either choose a contemporary or traditional design. Glass pieces and steel looks more industrial and modern, while wood furniture looks more traditional. For you to have a beautiful environment consider combining these materials. Select familiar aesthetic for your storage cabinets, desks, chairs and other elements since a professional home office requires a consistent appearance.

6] The number of people sharing the space

When picking the bookshelves, desks tables and the other surface furniture consider the needs of your office partners. They might require more space or less space depending on their occupation. Consult your office partners and see if some pieces can be shared. For example, a table that has the printer may also be used as a conference table or as a desk.

Coleman® Waterfall 5 Deluxe

Spacious and Comfortable Camping with A Dome Camping Tent

While not everyone was a Boy or Girl Scout growing up, most people have either been camping or at least know enough about camping to associate the act with the old styles of tents that were once quite prevalent. Modern dome tents are great if you are looking for a cool camping tent and far more evolved than their predecessors and now offer spacious interiors, incredible portability, easy setup and take down, and low price points that are hard to argue with.

An ideal tent option

REI Camp Dome 2

REI Camp Dome 2

The dome shape is ideal for tents because it provides a combination of high wind and weather resistance with a large interior volume. Wind and rain are both common problems when living in the great outdoors, even if only for a few nights. The dome shape and large footprint make it difficult for the wind to turn a dome camping tent over, and rain is given an easy path to the ground so that it will not accumulate and weigh sections of the tent down with its burden.

While those design features are all important, they would be useless if the interior was tiny or compromised in some significant way. Thankfully, the dome shape also tends to offer excellent interior volume and height, both of which are highly sought after traits in camping tents. Dome Camping tents come in smaller sizes meant for individuals or couples with a modest amount of camping possessions or in large, multi-room suite designs that can accommodate 3 to 5 separate groups of 3 to 6 people each. While one would expect to pay a lot for such capacities, the truth is that dome camping tents are quite affordable.

Small dome camping tents meant for backpackers can cost under $75

Even the largest of the consumer grade dome camping tents that could provide sleeping arrangements for more than 15 people rarely cost over $400. Many factors influence the price of dome camping tents, but it seems reasonable to suggest that one can expect to pay between $20 and $40 per bed-space in any given dome camping tent as a general pricing guideline.

orange tent for youth campersPortability is a key feature of all modern tents and dome camping tents are no exception. Large dome camping tents that can sleep four people can take up less than half of a lightweight backpack now, and without creating a massive weight burden in the process. Of course, portability is often considered to be at fundamental odds with both ease of use and durability, but neither of those appears to be the case with modern dome camping tents.

The use of modern materials has created an array of lightweight, durable dome camping tents that can be erected quickly or taken down and stored efficiently in record time. Easy setup and take down are a significant improvement over tents of yesteryear.

Insight on American Forklift Brands

There are different forklift manufacturers around the globe with the major brands being in Europe and Asia. There are few manufacturers in America to choose from as most are based in Japan. However, those looking for American forklifts should know that there are brands to choose from. American forklifts are considered high-quality due to the standards they have to keep up with.

Here is a list of the top American forklift manufacturers and their qualities.

• Caterpillar

caterpillar forktrucksCaterpillar is a household name in America and also around the world. The headquarters of the company is located in Houston, Texas. Caterpillar is known to produce machines that are durable and reliable. Their forklifts can withstand the roughest terrain, and they are powered by propane, gasoline, diesel, or can be electric. Their lift trucks have a lifting capacity of 2500- 100000 plus pounds.

• Clark

clark is a leader on the marketClark is a company known for material handling trucks. Their trucks are in use in different locations around the globe. Propane powers Their trucks, diesel, electric and they even have dual fuel vehicles. They are the leading manufacturing company for producing narrow aisle trucks that are used in warehouses. Their trucks have a capacity of 1500-100000 plus pounds. The company responds quickly to customer remarks and is continually improving their products. They are environmentally conscious and run their plants on a lean manufacturing model ensuring there is minimal wastage of resources during the manufacturing process.

the crown brandCrown

Crown Equipment Corporation is known for producing material handling machines for a long time. Their forklifts have an innovative design, and they have more products in their catalogue. The company produces most of its forklift components in their plants. The company is also determined to create the safest, comfortable, and efficient forklifts for their customers.

• Yale

Yale Materials Handling Corporation is a leader in the forklift industry for producing high-performing forklifts. In its top of the line forklifts, they have managed to offer customers a variety to choose from in terms of power. Their forklifts come powered by electricity, propane, gasoline, and diesel. They offer training on how to use the equipment as well as financing and maintenance services. Yale is known for having excellent customer service and doing everything they can to assist their clients in acquiring a truck.

the yale material handing company

America is home to many inventions, and these forklifts are the best in the country. They are used in America as well as around the globe.

a car made of wood prototype

Wooden Toys Are Great For Today’s Kids

Today we receive Chris, from Broome, a young entrepreneur that started a Toy company about 10 months ago with tradition in mind and the focus on environment friendly toys and games for the young ones.

In today’s world, children’s toy are very technological and are a far cry from what kids played with fifty years ago.

building great trains and transport toysEven though most toys are electronic in some way, children still love to play with wooden toys. Nothing can replace the value of brightly coloured wood. It is a staple for childhood and every kid in our country usually has a few hanging out in their rooms. Wooden toys have a wide variety. They can be trains, or carpenter play sets, or even blocks. By far the wooden building blocks are still a favourite of children everywhere.

For hundreds of years, children have loved their wooden toys.

They never go out of style, and they are durable and can be any shape or size. They have painted very bright primary colours for kids that are still learning to distinguish colours. These toys are excellent teaching tools. Their wooden construction makes them very durable and quite easy to clean. Another great point about having wooden toys is the price point. COmared to other toys on the market, wooden toys have a very low cost. If you are missing blocks in a set, it is very easy and inexpensive to replace them as opposed to their plastic counterparts.

Wooden toys are quite a bit more sturdy than plastic toys. They don’t pose the same hazard for cracking and cutting or jabbing children with sharp edges. They clean just as easily as plastic and are just as fun to play with. Consider introducing wooden toys to children as soon as they can grip them. Children will love the way they feel and look. They have a fun texture that plastic just can’t duplicate. It just goes to show you that newer is not always better. Wooden toys can be found at speciality toys stores and even the big box retailers in your neighbourhood.

Chris wants to share is passion for the wooden game through this article. If you are after great wooden toys for your toddler of kid, head over to boab toys website

AR Drone 2.0 Parrot

Drone Racing – Can it Become the New Mainstream Sport?

The growth of popularity of drones and their increasing affordability and technological advancement sparked the growth of interest in professional drone racing. In fact, this sport already has its leagues, and the number of fans keeps growing at a very fast rate. But what exactly is drone racing and what makes a professional remotely piloted aircraft? If your are wondering quel drone choisir en 2016? Read on…

Getting ready for the uav raceSimply speaking, FPV drone racing is a sport in which owners of UAS (unmanned aircraft systems) focus on building and maintaining the fastest machines, capable of winning with the vehicles of others. And, of course, on racing itself. In fact, some people believe that the racing of quadcopters is the new big thing and compare it to the early days of motor racing just hundred years ago.

Currently, this sport is just two years old, and it is believed that the first amateur competitions took place in 2014 in Australia. Because of that, drone racing is still in many places considered to be a social event rather than a professional tournament, and it still lacks significant sponsorship and money prizes. Despite that, it already has a few professional leagues with “The Drone Racing League” being the biggest and most popular one, attracting top pilots from around the world.

What Makes a Good Racing UAV?

A typical racing drone differs a bit from the standard remotely piloted aircraft which you can buy at the mall or your local electronics store. While an average drone can go as fast as 35 mph, racing RPAs can go 10 or 15 miles faster, and reach speeds of up to 50 mph. They are also much smaller than their standard counterparts and are equipped with much more powerful batteries that have higher voltages. The Smaller size and more power make them more manoeuvrable and more crash-resistant.

Additional Equipment

piloting your uas through virtual reality headsets FPV view

Apart from a racing drone, to think of RPA racing, you need a high-quality flight controller, one that allows you to keep your drone stable and which you can control without losing too much time on moving your fingers. Drone racing is a very demanding and fast sport – every second counts. Apart from that you also need a professional FPV (first-person view) camera and goggles. In fact, a quality camera can be considered the most important part of your equipment, because it allows you to see everything that’s happening to your drone and allows you to react quickly. The goggles, while not necessary because you can watch your drone on a monitor, give you an even better experience of the race. The last important part of your equipment is a powerful spare battery together with a strong battery charger – this assures you that your drone is always ready to fly.

“The Drone Racing League”

The league can be considered to be still at an infancy stage, and is currently open to all new pilots interested in professional racing. The FPV meet ups are happening all over the United States, and while the formal competitions are still relatively rare, there is a lot of opportunities to train, meet new pilots and get ready for the real race. It is believed that drone racing may evolve just like the e-sport grown in a short amount of time – at first, it was just a group of computer geeks, now it’s a multi-million dollar, industry full of sponsorships worldwide tournaments. And many believe that’s precisely the future of FPV drone racing.

Handling Work Disputes Appropriately

Work disputes are a fact of life today. It’s important for employers to have the right policies in place to handle work disputes most effectively. Handling them in the right way can diffuse situations that could become magnified to the point of exploding, resulting in high employee turnover. Resolving them correctly can actually help to solidify the work community instead of fracturing it.

Common Work Disputes

get a serious work ethicRelationship problems in the work force can occur in many different forms. Some of these are as follows:
Jealousy between employees over salary or job
Difficulties getting along with a new boss
Resentments over sudden increase in work load
Legal allegations of impropriety
Basic personality differences

Conflicts can be between employees, with a manager, or with the company as a whole. It’s important to know which of these is involved. Complicating the matter is the fact that the real reason for dispute may be something quite different than what is showing on the surface. For instance, an employee may be having problems at work because of problems at home.

General Rules For Conflict Resolution

Many work problems can be resolved just by waiting another day. Regardless of the reasons for conflict, it’s wise for an employer not to get involved unless conflict is affecting work in some way.
At that point, unless the immediate manager is the reason for the problem, he should act as an unbiased mediator between the two parties.

Sometimes all that is needed is to clear the air by allowing employees to voice their concerns to each other. At other times, a manager will have to make a resolution based on his understanding of the conflict. If a conflict is truly inflammatory and cannot be resolved by the immediate department head, the help of upper management may be needed. It may also be needed if the unresolved conflict is between an employee and his department manager.

If The Conflict Involves A Legal Issue

Conflict Resolution in a businessCompanies should already have written policies in place that let employees know at the time of hiring what behaviour will not be tolerated, and what abuses are legally actionable. Even small companies should make these explicitly known to employees. Doing so lets workers know what the ground rules are before they begin, and many legal conflicts can be avoided.

If a legal allegation of misconduct is involved, it’s wise to step in early and quickly to attempt to resolve it, if possible, particularly if it involves complaints against the business as a whole. It is important to keep records of the process of the complaint, and it’s advisable as well to consult your attorney early so that he can be a part of the process of resolution from the beginning.

Work disputes can affect a company’s bottom line. There are also some disputes that are inevitable. However, a professional attitude of mediation at the right time can dispel many conflicts before they become a serious problem.

RAB Drilling for Mining Explained

The mining industry being quite popular here in Australia, we wanted to give you guys a heads up on this industry by focusing on a popular sub niche of this market which is drilling.

Percussion Rotary Air Blast (RAB) Drill

RAB Mine Drilling which is different from air core drilling techniques.

Matching a drilling rig for a particular type of mining job is not a simple task. There are many factors to consider, such as the terrain, quality of samples required for analysis, depth, cost, time, fuel and attendant equipment.

miner drilling the groundThere are several factors when looking at drilling rigs in general:

* the type of power used – mechanical, electric, hydraulic, pneumatic, steam
* type of pipe used – cable, conventional, coil tubing
* by how many connected pipes they can stand in the derrick
* method or rotation or drilling method – no-rotation, rotary table, top drive, sonic, hammer
* position of derrick – conventional, slant

If you are looking for a simple drill for a simple job it is is not quite so difficult. If you are looking for an economical, fast, single-pass exploration drill, then an RAB drill is probably what you need.

Blast hole drilling should also be a simple requirement, and again, an RAB drill is the fastest, most economical machine for this type of task.

Mining Drilling Rigs

Mining drilling rigs are used for two primary purposes:

* Exploration drilling, which aims to identify the location and quality of a mineral; and
* Production drilling, used in the production cycle for mining.

Mineral exploration drilling is conducted as part of an advanced research program to obtain detailed information about the rocks and minerals below the ground surface. The drilling method and size of the drilling rig used depend on upon the type of rock, the depth required, and level of information sought.

The most common shallow depth mineral exploration drilling method is Percussion Rotary Air Blast (RAB) drilling. This type of operation is the quickest method, can be very mobile, can access steep terrain, and usually only requires one operator.

Mine production drilling, particularly open cut mining, includes blast hole drilling, and a conventional method is RAB drilling. A large RAB drilling machine can drill hundreds of holes a day, up to hundreds of metres deep. As a self-contained machine, operating on pre-prepared terrain, they run on crawling tracks for mobility, but they still managed by a single operator.

What is an RAB Drill?

60 inch concrete core drillA Percussion Rotary Air Blast (RAB) drill is a down-the-hole vertical drill which uses a pneumatic reciprocating piston-driven hammer action to energetically drive a heavy drill bit into the rock.

Drill bits are hollow, solid steel and have 20 mm thick tungsten rods protruding from the steel matrix as “buttons”. The tungsten buttons are the cutting face of the bit.

Compressed air is pumped through a hole in the rod and the drill bit, forcing the cuttings to the surface between the drill pipe and the wall of the hole.

RAB drilling can achieve depths of more than 50 metres but can be ineffective below the water table, where the annulus between the drill pipe and the surrounding formation can become clogged with debris, precluding removal of drill cuttings from the hole. This can be overcome by the use of stabilisers (also known as reamers), which are lengths of tubular steel attached to the drill string to ream or line the hole to prevent formation water and debris entering the hole. Stabilisers commonly have tungsten-buttons on the walls to break down the cuttings rising from the borehole.

Machine Size

RAB rigs range in size from a small truck or trailer mounted machines that can be used in hard-to-access areas, or for smaller operations. The larger models are an all-in-one and are mounted on caterpillar tracks for movement, but are restricted to specially prepared flat surfaces. Whatever the size, the method of operation is the same. It is simply a matter of scale.

Penetration Depth

Depending on its size and drill bit, RAB rigs can penetrate depths up to 100 metres. It penetrates quickly and easily through almost every type of rock. Because of its fast operation, this makes an RAB drill an excellent choice for blast hole drilling.

Operational Cost

Compared to RC and Diamond drilling, RAB drilling is quickest and more economical and only requires one operator.

Mineral Analysis

The cutting debris can be used for low-level mineral analysis. As a first-pass method in mineral exploration, this approach produces results faster, cheaper and easier.

Considering the array of mining tools required and available on the market, the Percussion Rotary Air Blast drill is one of the simplest, but that does not make it insubstantial.

So, Why an RAB Drill?

RAB rigs can be small – mounted on the back of a truck, making it very mobile and able to access steep terrain. They can also be enormous, require a crawler track to move around.

The depth of drill hole is a factor to consider when deciding on a drilling machine, but if you are looking at shallow depths (up to 100 metres), then an RAB drill is a good one to watch for economy and speed.

See these bad boys in action:


Australian Government


Bostech Drilling

learning your way to success

Do Not Underestimate The Power of Networking!

You’ve met them at a charity fair or a gala and are always there for them whenever they need you, and they should return the favor!

By growing your network, you make many professional opportunities which will turn into future work or professional opportunities.

No networking, no opportunities? Many young Australian students or facing hardships when confronted with local the labor market, it is in any case necessary to maintain good relations with members of your network. Especially as the hidden job market still constitute 65% of the positions filled down under.

Why develop a professional network?

Your network is not limited to your old school friends or your first professional experience. All employees that you are around you will indeed one day or another potentially introduce you to a vacant position in their company. And if the contact is good, give you tips regarding when applying or support your application. The appointment is increasingly popular with recruiters; your network may be able to one day serve you. But you will learn to reciprocate when the time comes …

Where do I network?

You can also expand your network through social networks. Whether professional (LinkedIn, Viadeo) or personal (Twitter, Facebook), these tools have the opportunity to get you in touch with the major people and influencers you can not reach normally. You should know how to identify targets that have an interest in your career plan. Is it simply to change your business, take up the ranks?

Nothing prevents you to tell them. Provided that this is done in a positive way. Do not complain about the mood of your current company for example. Similarly, be sure to share interesting information about your industry. And bet on cheerfully. Your profile will be more eye-catching.

Let us know if you have any questions?

open house street sign

Three Ways To Assess Property Valuation

Establishing quite how much a home is worth is a complex and arbitrary process that is often heavily influenced by opinion and market forecast. Regarding sale usually only a chartered surveyor – hired as much for their impartiality as their expertise – can provide an accurate house valuation report. However, it is possible to calculate a relatively accurate figure independently. This involves analysis of comparable data – for example recent sale prices of similar nearby properties – as well as the more qualitative assessment of the features and qualities of the property itself. This guide will serve as an introduction into ascertaining an approximate figure for a home valuation, and examine where and how value can be accentuated.

Defining Home Value

open house street signThe value of a property is determined by an endless number of variables, which is why house sale transactions often involve impartial agents to determine a reasonable fee. Of course, there’s no reason a person cannot grossly inflate the value of their property as they see fit. However the fact of the matter is that this will never yield a sale. Therefore, it’s necessary to remove any sense of pretension when performing a personal property valuation, as only then will it realistically fall into the market cycle of supply/demand.

Comparable Analysis

Most property owners will keep slightly aware of the sale of properties similar/close to their own as this can provide a general idea of how much their property is worth. For example, if a street comprised identical residential homes and one is sold, unless it has significant interior improvements or other features that enhance it’s value beyond the norm, it’s likely to be of close value to neighbouring homes too.

However in truth, these transactions only serve as a snap-shot of that particular sale, carried out at a certain time by certain people under certain circumstances. Every property transaction is different, and so quickly can house prices change according to greater economic trends that even a few months can in truth be very out of date data.

This is why estate agents keep precise information on every transaction that occurs within their area of operations, as it helps to maintain as close as possible an up to date idea of how property valuations fluctuate.

Income Analysis

This can present a more detailed and objective means of valuing a home but again is hampered by the change in market forces. Income analysis involves considering the property as if it were up for rent, and how much tenants could be expected to pay on a residential basis. It can be complicated to perform, but is carried out by all mortgage providers when considering an application so should be considered the ‘industry standard’ of property valuations.

The income analysis method looks to ascertain how much the property will appreciate in value based on historical trends, and how much equivalent rental income could be expected over the coming term. In this regard it is very individualistic and takes into account not just the bricks and mortar value of the home itself, but also, it’s worth to an individual (i.e., landlord). By determining a gross figure of projected rental income, this can then be calculated into the appreciation in value of the property over the coming term and consequently, the overall value of the home as it stands at the moment.
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Cost Approach

Used often by insurance companies, this method imagines that the house is completely removed from the land and determines the value of the property by the cost of rebuilding it. While this may seem outlandish, it is the best means of determining value by location as the plot on which the home is built will vary enormously in value across the country.

In many cases the land on which the house is built is worth more than the actual structure itself, for example a plot of land in central London capable of taking a three bedroom house will be far more than the home itself, whereas in rural Pembrokeshire the opposite may well be the case. The ‘rebuilding’ element then values the cost of materials and labour as-per market forces, also accounting for a loss of value while the work is carried out.

This is the best system for people who live in high-value areas but with low-value properties, although will require access to the Land Registry, which can become expensive.

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Tips for Successful Priority Planning

For a business to run successfully, there are many different things to take into consideration and a variety of skills you must possess and know how to use. One aspect of running a business that is both a task and a skill is the ability to prioritise business tasks. When you plan your daily tasks effectively, it will have a positive effect on many aspects of your business. Here are some tips for successful priority planning.

Deciding on your Level of Need

The first task when deciding which jobs are the highest priority and which are less important is deciding on the level of need. Ideally, you should categorise your tasks regarding short-term  and long-term goals. With regards to long-term objectives, you may need to think about the different stages of a project that need to take place to achieve the final goals. If you have clients you work with on a regular basis, good communication between the two of you can help to determine which of the jobs they have given you are of the greatest importance.


controling your time and plan accordinglyIf your workflow increases, it may be impossible to complete all tasks yourself. You will then need to decide what are your priorities and what can be delegated to others for completion. When prioritising tasks, you will need to determine how each element of a job is allocated to different members of staff to fulfill the task within the decided time. To do this, you may need to consider the various skill sets of employees, their level of experience and what other commitments or responsibilities they are currently undertaking within their role.

Considering Negative Impacts

Another thing to take into consideration is what the negative effects of delaying a task will be in comparison to completing the work straight away. For example, if delaying a task will incur financial penalties, or you will lose the business of a client, and then these projects must be considered over others that will have few or no negative impacts on your business.

Setting a Time Frame

Time is an important factor in priority planning. You must make sure that it is reasonable and achievable to complete each of the tasks in the time that is allocated to them. To plan the time frame for each task, you must break it down into smaller sub-tasks and consider how long each of these will take and who will be responsible for completing them.

Using Resources Available

To a certain extent, resources can impact upon how you plan your priorities. Resource availability may prevent you from completing some tasks at particular times or cause a delay, so it is important to factor this into the planning process. Similarly, if you have several projects that you or your team are working on at any one time, then it is important to think sensibly about how the resources are best utilised within the team to ensure that the projects you have given the highest importance are completed first.

Priority planning is an essential part of running a successful business. By planning and strategising, your company will operate more efficiently, smoothly and productively. It will also help to improve customer satisfaction. This, in turn, can help you to increase profits and potentially expand your company.

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Tips For Young People Who Are Planning To Start A Side Busines

starting a business

It is very important to notice that the current generation of young people is getting more and more involved into a lot of things which were either nonexistent or possible in the past. While a student is in school or college, they begin to develop responsibilities and a sense of the challenges they have while becoming an adult. One of those being, that they need an income. While it is hard to find a job that balances with your studies, part-time or full-time work would be ideal. This is when a self-started business could be most beneficial.

While starting a business can be grueling and challenging, the benefits are great. As long as you are organized, driven, and have a motivation about you, you will be able to surpass the occasional bumps in the road. Here are some ways to get started.

business young people1. First, figure out what type of business you’d like to start. A lot of great ideas and business are being started in the Internet and technology world. Take advantage of this find business opportunities within this realm of business. It can be done on a very low budget without leaving your home.

2. Realize that regardless of what type of business you choose, you need to be willing to dedicate YOUR time and effort into it. While you do have your studies to uphold to, your business will have to come in high priority as well. Being a student does not always leave you extra time, but you will have to learn to have good time management.

3. Find similar businesses that you can go and watch how they do things.

This will allow you to get tips form others who have been in the business world longer as they will help you grow into a better entrepreneur. You can look for these sorts of opportunities in papers, classifieds, online, job boards and schools job search engines.

4. Try to find like-minded students who are looking to make some income as well. Perhaps you can partner or franchise with them. In networking and growing a community of business leaders, you will grow as an entrepreneur and as a person.

5. You can operate most any business from the comfort of your dorm or apartment, it really is very simple. This way you won’t have to pay additional fees and rent, and all of the planning organizing and sometimes actually can be done right in the comfort of your own home.