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Y20 Australia

Welcome to the Youth 20 (Y20), the official platform for young people entrepreneurship from across the Group of Twenty (G20) countries to have their voices heard on the most pressing global economic challenges.

Key themes are:

1. growth and jobs creation,

2. global citizenship, and

3. sustainable development.

The Y20 Summit was held in July 2014 as part of Australia’s Presidency of the G20. We will gather a diverse group of extraordinary young leaders from across G20 countries to identify the pressing global economic challenges facing young people, engage in substantive policy discussions and generate innovative solutions which will be presented to the G20 for consideration in their discussions.

We’re excited to hear from you and look forward to welcoming your involvement!

Meet the Y20 Planning Group

When it comes to an event like the Y20 Summit, it’s crucial that each and every element of the planning process is measured and strategic.

That’s why the Australian Government has enlisted six of Australia’s most talented young minds to form the Planning Group. Chaired in the interim by Holly Ransom, the Group has a diverse range of experience and expertise.

The Planning Group’s main purpose is to plan and manage Australia’s delivery of the Australian Y20 in 2014.

2014 Y20 Planning Group:

  • Holly Ransom, Partnerships Manager, Foundation for Young Australians
  • Yassmin Abdel-Magied, Founder , Youth Without Borders
  • Ehon Chan, Co-Founder of Hub Australia
  • Scott Limbrik, CEO, Global Voices

Y20 delegate application process now open!

Major news! The Y20 delegate application process is now open.

Five amazing young Australians will be chosen as the official delegates to represent Australia at the Y20 Summit in July 2014.

If you’re aged between 18 and 30 then we strongly encourage you to apply!

The Y20, was held in Sydney from 12 to 15 July is a major international event and presents an amazing opportunity for young people to voice the issues most important to them globally, work closely with delegates from the G20 member and invited countries, and develop policies on the broad themes of growth, youth unemployment, and sustainable economic development.

You’ll also engage with young people across Australia to ensure their views and ideas are represented on the Y20 platform.

If you’re interested in applying to be an Australian delegate, the selection criteria and all other relevant information, is available on the Australian Delegates page, or please call the Y20 information line: 1300 857 536.